Max Carletti  (guitars), Giorgio Giovannini (trombone), Marco Tardito (sax, clarinet)


This original combo includes professional musicians with heterogeneous experiences (Carletti is a fix member of the recent band of the italian rock star Eugenio Finardi, Giovannini performs with Roy Paci in the Zelig TV Band), here together in a long-lasting project, with arrangements and compositions which will surprise you for originality and consistance of sound.
The absence of the drums does not mean there is a low rhythmic power, on the contrary allowa to reach unique fades of sound.

punto elenco Tracks:
  • saga of harrison crabfeathers
  • a cat in a hat
  • freedom jazz dnace
  • te voglio bene assaje
  • like lulu
  • lettera da sado
  • giocata
  • take the "a" train
  • ciciomiro blues
  • aquarela do brasil
  • free triology
  • freeways

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Do you know great Bolo Blacic? If you replied yes, you are liars. there is no Bolo Blacic. I have invented it right now. Max Carletti instead exists, really exists! And he plays, and how! And with whom! This recording is an experience. Like putting the fingers in a fresh peach frappe, or breath deep under a pine, or sip a tamarind with Uri Geller. This record get you closer to Jazz, but more far from Ipercoop. 

Listen with care, it is worthy. And please, without tapping your foot! Thanks. 

Enrico Ceva