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 DIRECT PURCHASE FROM SILTA RECORDS - on-line sales:                                               
It is as well possible to purchase CDs from us, on-line. Payment by PayPal and Credit Cards.
1. Email us how many CDs you wish to purchase and where is the delivery address
2. We reply in 24 hours, indicating shipping charge and total amount
3. Pay by PayPal (credit card accepted)
4. Your order will be shipped within 24 hours from  notification by PayPal.

How to use PayPal:

1- Click this link to access the PayPal payments page.
2- Follow the instructions - it's easy!

Your PayPal access and credit card information will be handled by PayPal and will not be disclosed to Silta Records.
For further information about PayPal services, read here.

many of our CDs are available for legal download on iTunes and other e-shops, like:


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