Stefano Pastor (violin), Giancarlo Schiaffini (trombone),
    Giorgio Dini (double bass), Daviano Rotella (drums).
This work starts from the will to act against today’s materialism and the imposition of certain a-cultural and social models; Pastor’s compositions contain highly creative improvisations; the (post)modern approach of the quartet displays his own rebellion, supported by the literal text (by Pastor itself) in Italian and English with the 28 pages booklet, recommended by contemporary writer Mark Weber.
punto elenco Titoli dei brani:

    • Profile of peaks 
    • Bright pavement
    • Tropea
    • Partisans
    • Tramp
    • All is to happen
    • Siena

Poem and music by Stefano Pastor

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This work seeks to be a pessimistic criticism of a world no longer able to fins a meaning beyond mere moneymaking and materialism. Beyond existence of lifestyles which we now don’t even realize how much they are violently imposed upon us. Beyond democratic models based on a self-imposed slavery submissive to economic power. And the economic power seems to replace the concept of culture, both in the meaning of spontaneous identity of all the people, imposing its own criteria and destroying that which is different; and in the meaning of a total substitution of Art with the easy entertainment of the “culture industry”.

Our “uncrying sky” is not the sky, mirror of light and ethereal substance, but is only the checking eye. With severity. With no rights and without this cruel action of conditioning being morally justifiable in any pacific and respectful way to other cultures or religions.

Stefano Pastor Giancarlo Schiaffini Giorgio Dini Daviano Rotella Mark Weber Erika Dagnino
Federico Brondi Zunino

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