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Gianni Lenoci (piano, prepared piano, voice)

Vittorino Curci (alto & soprano sax, voice, megaphone) 

Marcello Magliocchi (drums and percussions)

William Parker (double bass)   

“Serving an Evolving Humanity”  is a suite in 3 parts, totally improvised in a concert recorded in Noci, Italy, in a summer night. 
The four musicians, all well known for tghe fruitful experiences in the field of improvisation (even extreme!), meet for the first time and generate a great performance, where instruments sounds merge with the fresh air of the public square where the stage was built.
Peculiarity of the CD
, the booklet contains poems by William Parker and Vittorino Curci, kindly provided by their editors, and chosen for the subject of the concert: for an evolving humanity!


  1. Serving... PART I
  2. Serving... PART II
  3. Serving... PART III

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voted among the 100 best CD of 2010 by JAZZIT

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