SR0601- PREMUDA-GRILLINI-DALLA: "Blues Explorations"

Guido Premuda - guitars                 
Gilberto Grillini - bass
Alessandro Dalla - drums

with:    Stefano Scippa - soprano sax

"Nothing intellectual about this recording except the initial desire to use ALL the 12 keys of the scale. It hits you with immediateness of colors and rhythmic ideas..."  Irene Robbins



C.   Turnaround (O. Coleman)
Db. Tears Inside (O. Coleman)
D.   Ramblin' (O. Coleman)
Eb. Broadway Blues (O. Coleman)
E.   Follow your Heart (J. Mc Laughlin)
F.   Better Git it in Your Soul (C. Mingus)
Gb. Blues Explorations (G. Premuda)
G.   All Blues (M. Davis)
Ab. Quasi Blues (G. Grillini)
A.   Missouri Uncompromised (P. Metheny)
Bb. Blues Connotation (O. Coleman)
B.   PGD Blues (G. Premuda, G. Grillini)
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 Notes in the CD booklet: 

A journey through the blues, from rock to free, that explores the 12 tones of western musical notation. A way to accentuate the multiplicity of aspects that an essential and multicultural musical expression can assume. A project consisting of rearranged jazz standards and original compositions written in tones that have probably never been explored in the blues, in which a soprano sax joins a modern Jazz Guitar Trio.          G.Premuda, G.Grillini, A.Dalla 

Nothing intellectual about this recording except the initial desire to use ALL the 12 keys in the scale. It hits you with an immediateness of colors and rhythmic ideas. Each blues presents an original atmosphere that takes you out into the open. Yes, these musicians know where they want to go, they take you there on a tonic journey from the Rocky Mountains of E, to the C/Db on the west Coleman side, to B, their hometown of Bologna. A wonderful exploration to be enjoyed to the last plains.        Irene Robbins    

While I listen to the latest musical effort of Premuda, Grillini and Dalla, my thoughts wander and I let myself be taken away by the sensations that each piece evokes. For me this represents a sort of "Around the World in 12 Blues", in which Blues stands for day and/or night. A Blues for every tone, the latter being a step, a place to explore, to linger, but at the same time a starting point. Yes, because every tonality is life, light, heat and each imparts a different emotion. The Blues has always represented a shore where the ocean of music shatters its emotional waves and the musicians are attracted to it as good Ulysses to the Sirens. Drawing vital  sap from O.Coleman, P.Metheny, C.Mingus, J.Mc Laughlin, the trio, with the deft intervention of Stefano Scippa's soprano sax, offers a disenchanted and visceral contribution to the discovery of new territory. If it's true that no ambitious project is exempt from risks, that so must be a journey as taught us by history, by life. This work offers a valid and fascinating tribute to the implacable desire for exploration that manifests itself in every single track and in every single musician.                                   Felice Del Gaudio