SR0501 - NOPOP Sestetto (sextet)

Gian Maria Matteucci - clarinets          Guido Facchini - piano
Massimo Zaniboni - saxophones          Stefano Ricci - double bass
Stefano Savini - guitars                       Mauro Gazzoni - drums
"...This is a work where spirit of adventure and maturity are melting together..."  
G. Mirabassi

1. L'Airone
2. Dìmal
3. Gabanì
5. Il sorriso delle finestre
6. Oalì Oalà
7. Saline
8. Cosmos
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 Notes in the CD booklet:

Listening to this record was very pleasant; once more, it clearly shows how nowadays the new generations of Italian musicians, besides their high-level preparation, have definitely become conscious of their own haughtiness and identity. In a world which is more and more going towards a dull globalization, seeing that a group of young guys from the Romagna coast is so naturally coagulating around a project like this, is really warming my heart.
I think there are two words that best of all define Jazz: thief and bastard (much more appropriate than 'contaminated' and ‘multicultural', as we often hear today).
The reason is that the jazzman, since the beginning of this music, has always considered the musical world like a land to sack where to find - without asking for permission - all those elements that he considered useful to the definition of his personal poetry.
Today, the risk we run is to stop stealing, considering the work of the masters as definitely crystallized, trying to reproduce it in the most accurate way, limiting the risk but with a less profitable result (above all, much less romantic and poetic).
 The thoughtless happiness by which our guys are showing their work is at least exiting. Anything can be found: jazz, classical music, the popular traditions of half a world, all finely melted in a admirable and roguish writing and arrangement work, refined, sharp and reckless.  
The strictness and the mastery of the material are surprising; but most of all, the final result is widely recognizable and homogeneous, despite the varied origins of the elements of the sextet. This is a work where spirit of adventure and maturity are melting together. If this is what our new artists can express, we have good hopes for a better future!

Gabriele Mirabassi