P. Lattanzi - drums / N. Moiseenko - sax / A. Budynek - guitars / P.Terol - piano & organ / M. Panascia - bass

This eterogeneous quintet collects 5 professional players of the Boston area, here proposing a pulsant and alive music, alternating tension and energy to moments of pure lyrism. A fresh recording, rich of rhythmic and melodic ideas, giving good hopes about the new direction Jazz is following, also in the US.


Titoli dei brani:

  1. Cicerchi's Wanderlust
  2. Just a Story
  3. 14/2
  4. In a dark Room
  5. When it doesn't Matter
  6. Other Lands - FREE MP3!
  7. Night Dancers
  8. Four Years Gone
  9. Fairy Tales to a Child
  10. May

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 Liner notes by Ken Pullig (Director, Jazz Composition Berklee College of Music, Boston: DOWNLOAD (Word doc)
punto elenco  Liner notes by Kenwood Dennard (Batterista e compositore di fama internazionale: Wayne Shorter, Miles Davis, Sting, Chick Corea, Jaco Pastorius etc):    DOWNLOAD (Word doc)
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