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Dario Mazzucco (drums),  Stacy Dillard (tenor sax),  Lucio Ferrara (guitars),  Ryan Berg (double bass), Guest: Antonio Ciacca  (piano).

An italo-american quartet, sometimes enriched by a special guest: pianist Antonio Ciacca, important musician of the New York scene. The snardads here performed perfectly fit in the program of original compositions by Dario Mazzucco; this is a clearly Jazz-style, fluent and amazing. It shows how this form of improvisation is always able to bring emotions, yesterday like today.

punto elenco Titles:
  1. 12 bars for M.B.
  2. Blume
  3. Dolphin Dance
  4. IVIIVI?
  5. Emina
  6. Silver
  7. I mean you
  8. W Blues
  9. How deep is the ocean?

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