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Stefano Pastor (violin),  George Haslam (baritone sax, tarugato),  Gianni Lugo (alto sax),  Giorgio Dini (double bass)
This project is witness of the artistic growth of Stafno Pastor, also confirmed by the many reviews he got (for instance, his duo CD with Borah Bergman by  “All About Jazz New York”) and above all from the excellent ranking on Top Jazz 2009, with votes from  the italian critics.  
This music has a clear reference to Free Jazz form the sixties, here performed with freshness in a modern key.  

punto elenco Titles:
  1. Freedom 
  2. Rebellion
  3. Emancipation
  4. Elevation
  5. Dance
  6. Opposition
  7. Meditiation
  8. Freedom (bonus track)

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Freedom: in a avant-garde setting redolent of the Seventies – but with a definite Chicagoan cast –  inasmuch as it is an evolution from the American trends of the Sixties. A glance to tradition, by way of mirroring and further reflecting some methods and events of the African-American avant-garde, with its peculiar sticking to the groove of an historical continuum. (...)
The single or simultanous handling of the two instruments on Haslam’s part gets inside (or ovelaps) the nervous strain, unrelenting mostly on the ryhthmical level, built by the two other soloists, Stafano Pastor on violin and Claudio Lugo on curved soprano sax. It is within the collective improvisation of the three soloists (add the bass of Giorgio Dini working as a full-ranked and autonomous rhythm section) that takes place the ricovery of ‘dirtyness’, that is to say, of the less-than-perfect simultaneity of the performing artists, of the unclean attack of single notes; whence that impredictable richness in tone and rhythm, so peculiar to the free jazz tradition, wielded here as a radical instrument of expression. (Erika Dagnino, from the liner notes)


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