SR0802 - T R I O: "BILL'S HEAVEN - to Bill Evans"

    Antonio Cavicchi (guitar) - Ares Tavolazzi (double bass) - Riccartdo Biancoli (drums)

        A Jazz Trio proposing a hommage to Bill Evans may look a bit hazardous, but this is not the case: in fact, this is a piano-less trio and the project is focused on Bill Evans the Musician, composer and performer, with very fine interpretations.

This is the result of a lucky collaboration among the three Italian musicians, which in this CD are appreciated for elegance, taste and interplay.

punto elenco Tracks:
  1. Mother of earl
  2. Turn out the stars
  3. Periscope
  4. I fall in love too easily
  5. Down from Antigua
  6. Show-tipe tune
  7. How deep is the ocean
  8. How my heart sings
  9. Funkallero
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To work well, a conversation needs three requisites: a common language, the availability to listen, an interesting subject. The work that Antonio Cavicchi, Ares Tavolazzi and Riccardo Biancoli are doing since some years – for the first time collected in this CD – is satisfying all of them. As good conversationalists the musicians use in fact a common language, of clear Jazz matrix; they weave the voices valorizing the tones of the individual pronunciations; they focus on a matter of absolute value: Bill Evans’ universe.  

The tracks are in fact of the same Evans (Turn Out The Star, Periscope, Show Tipe Tune, Funkallero), or composed for him (Mother Of Earl and How My Heart Sings), or signed by musicians with a similar sensibility (Down From Antigua). With the addition of two standards: I Fall In Love Too Easily and How deep is the ocean. 

However, also other reasons support the achievement of this good result.

First of all the research of a "sound" which is able to deliver a particular emotion; then the choice of the Trio: not only this is the minimal structure allowing a building to stand up, but also the formula able to avoid the easy mirroring of duality (me-you). It obviously brings to a certain way of improvising, which is not ending into the practice of a radical experimentation but works as a space of individual freedom based on some common rules.

It is in this detailed and delicate balance that the value of this project is gathered, bringing a happiness which is an echo of the name of the musician inspiring this music.

 Giorgio Rimondi.

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