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Alessandro Sacha Caiani (tenor sax), Achille Succi (alto sax, bass clarinet),  Biagio Coppa (tenor and soprano sax),  Xabier Iriondo (mahai metak, shaahi baaja), Silvia Bolognesi (double bass), Cristiano Calcagnile (drums).

This sextet will surprise you. It is true, with such musicians the expectation must be high, but this recording not only is the confirmation of he value of these single musicians: the sound of the group, the unitarity and the consistency of the project will surprise you. Ideas flow and improvisations, never banal, follow a logic path with freshness and enthusiasm. You will be contaminated!

punto elenco Titles:
  1. Trio Starting 
  2. Duo Starting
  3. A Storm
  4. On the Beat
  5. Achille
  6. Biagio
  7. Silvia
  8. C.S.A.
  9. X.B.
  10. A Song

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