Simone Zanchini  (accordion, live electronics)

    Live performance by accordionist  Zanchini, which here is freely allowing his creativity to flow out in a show which is rich of effective sounds, situations and research in a musical land that we will discover together with him!

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Better Alone - live

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Which kind of music are you playing?, which type of record have you done?.....

These are the most difficult questions I ever received and I have to say I have never found an answer.

How can you explain the music you play when you spent all your life trying to ignore the fences splitting music into many different families?

How is it possible to explain the music you play, when your research brings to consider musical events as unique, besides their belonging to genres or styles?

In these years of research I have always followed a personal path in which I could show my musical form, going through unconventional (or at least un-defined) environments, avoiding the academy you can find inside styles and avoiding the consolatory recognition coming from a certain part of the audience.

Creating a project like this also means to break a listening habit, to destroy a code linked to auto-identification into a genre or a style, in order to give space to the music setting the sonorous and conceptual result of the work at the center. 

I also had the intention to react to a kind of “tiredness” which is easily found in radical improvisation, expressed by repetitive sounds and defined formulas.
All of this required a lot of courage and exposed me in front of certain risks; above all, it taught me that avoiding the seductive expressions of “commercial” music – easily identified by the listener – is a fundamental element to make choices towards new musical lands.

I believe that “Better alone…” is not only a concert but also the expression of a literary and conceptual form, understandable listening the work from start to end and, above all, I think it belongs to that category of works to discover – not only to recognize.

“Better alone…” is not coming from conceitedness but, on the contrary, from the full understanding of the fact that breaking certain languages interplay and dialogue between the musicians get difficult.

This difficult communication becomes even more difficult when, like in this project, different worlds merge together their sounds (the sound of the acoustic instruments and the infinite universe of electronics), trying to create a unique magma flowing into a really personal approach to improvisation materials.

I am always convinced the hummings living in our brain are only our own, beautifully unique and can be transmitted through the emotions and can only be perceived with a huge “availability”.

Therefore, to solve this deep difficulty I told myself: ……”better alone!”.

I wish you a pleasant listening.

Simone Zanchini

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